Saturday 28 February 2015

Day 565: Walking through Multi-Dimensional Mind Reality

Continuing from: Day 564: Real Death Experience
In Heaven you have to present what Heaven wants you to present – Self-Honesty is irrelevant. So Demons in essence were the real Self-Honest existence of a being where they have, where they were no longer denying their experience on Earth. They were absolutely pissed off with God and have in many cases taken an oath to harm anything that is related to God and to destroy God’s creation. I mean, imagine, I have this Demon in a body here on Earth and it’s telling me that it’s here to destroy God and it will destroy God and explain how it’s harmed from children to adults to innocents, how they have harmed them throughout the ages – to get back at God, for what God did to them.

So you listen, if you have any judgment about those, there is no way you can get to work with a Demon because the Demon will get you and then eventually possess you. So if you have any fear, if you have any judgment, if there is any point of right or wrong – you have to really stand in every dimension of their existence and there are infinite dimensions. There may not be one hidden point within you, not one judgment about another person within you, one nasty thought about another within you. Nothing!

If there is any point that in any way exist whatsoever – the Demon will get you.

So, chat to the Demons and then lead them, assist them to see how they’ve created themselves. Then show them the futility of the exercise of judgment, the futility of walking through these points where you have vengeful or hateful or nasty or contentious thoughts, where you judge others for your experience, where you hate God – show them all the points of the outcome of it. Because everything is relationships and mathematical bound, one can show infinite amount of play outs in quantum time – all in real quantum mechanics, proficiency, that show one the actuality of the outflow all possible interaction that can take place, all participants that can possibly take place. You can take everything within the context of space/time and the particular containment of the being. Everything is contained because it’s related. Because it’s related you can insert any new relationship and show the outflows of it. And obviously dealing in Quantum time, that is now in the realm beyond this one, it is really easy to show how all of these things work. And one can take a being through all of that, which is what we then did. Until the point where all possible excuses, answers, reasons, meanings was taken care of and the being would stop and say, ‘Okay, I see. I see there is no point to me being angry, it is time that I let go and forgive and let’s start again’.

The whole point was that I was showing everyone is that, if we all as one, together, stop what we are creating – we can create a New World. And all we have to do is stop our insistence on an outflow of revenge or consequence to justify our suffering. So if we forgive and we forgive ourselves for desiring revenge or desiring to have payback – of we stop all of that, all as one as equal, we in fact stop all of our creation, and we can in fact start again.

Obviously at that stage with the Demons being in a quantum reality it was much easier than it is here on Earth, where you have each Human contained in their own multi-dimensional mind reality where they are in infinite loops of self justification and revenge and desire and energy and want and need. Imagine the whole human experience is equal to the experience of a universe in function within the context of energetic polarity.

So what will happen then is that the Demon, me and the Demon together, will start to do Forgiveness aloud. The principle was that one must speak Forgiveness aloud because within that context you can hear where your relationship with the Forgiveness is not clear. That means when you are speaking the words and the construct of the sentences, then you can hear where it is not in fact specific enough and actually dealing with the issue and sorting the issue out – taking it into a directive point where you can clearly say, ‘I Am Free of this Possession’. So, the Forgiveness had to be extremely specific which we then did until the point where the being was completely released from their self-induced possession and they were reborn, right there, new being. And then we had fantastic discussions and then they would leave and the next Demon would come. So, every time possible, we would take on Demons to help as many as possible with the understanding that inevitably we will find a way to do it quicker - just like inevitably we will find a way to do things quicker on Earth. We’re busy with that here, it’s a different construct. It’s a different set of relationships, it’s a different mathematical outplay. But for any existence to be, there are relationships. And therefore the context of the relationship you can actually accelerate it. Which is what we’re doing with the inversion of all energetic relationships into Self-Possession – Demonising the Self completely, by Self so that you can see what it is you are doing to yourself. And isolation of each being on Earth into absolute aloneness, loneliness, absolute control, where nobody else can know for a fact everything that is going on in your Mind. Yet, everyone can know it if they are everything and therefore you can stand one and equal here, if you truly are one and equal or you can’t. Because you are not yet in all dimensions of this reality. Because in the mind is a clone of all dimensions. And all is at a different timeframe within the context of these dimensions, moving through it and where you can either be clearly directive principle of your possession or you are subject to the forces of energy that take over and manipulate you into a physical regrettable experience which is not recommended.

So – real fun with the Demons we had and we will continue with more stories of the variations of Demons we got and how we played with it, what we learnt.

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