Thursday 26 April 2012

Day 12: BrainWashing and Mind Control

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize the obvious fact that every person born on earth is in fact brain washed and mind controlled through what they are taught  through family, education and all systems of society.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to erroneously claim that anything that threaten my brainwashing is brainwashing - without realizing that that is the failsafe of mind control in that it establish such clear control that the brainwashed actually believe they have made a free choice as a free will being when it is obvious if we dare to investigate that no free will exist and no free choice can exist, as we are in a reality where we are subject to many forces and conditions that control our choices in every way.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to refuse to use the evidence that the world as society produce as a benchmark to see to what extent I am in fact brainwashed and mind controlled - to make sure that I will accept living in fear and do nothing to produce a world that is best for all, without me realizing that my decision to support inequality do not benefit me, it only benefit those that benefit from my pre-programmed desires.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be so convinced of my own power of mind that I fail to see that the voice in my head as my thoughts were not me when I was born, it was programmed into me to act like my personal God that keep me in line with the way the system work; where I will never consider what is best for all life as my program says that what is best for all life is impossible. This confirms the extent of my brainwashing and submission to control of the mind and has been part of my life every day in every way with only the fuzzy logic choices of like and dislike to entertain me and make me believe that I have choice in fact, when I do not have any say about what happens in reality. Even my vote counts for nothing as the choices will be made by a few people that made me believe that what they represent is me in a democratic society where my voice count, but my brainwashing make me blind to the honest truth, because then I will have to admit that I am in fact brainwashed and admitting that would mean that everything I have ever believed is a lie and that would invalidate every choice I have ever made and that is just too much, there must be something I did right. But I do not realize that the program is so perfect that it made sure that every way that I could in fact find life, was covered with a lie and there was only one point that could not be covered with a lie, so it was  covered with the greatest fear possible, and that point was that life is in fact equal and only through this equality can life ever be free, but the fear that such an equality must be communism and is impossible because the human nature cannot change and one can never trust a human are but a few of the fears that was programmed in to make sure I will never be free.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to continue in this world as if nothing is wrong and as if there is no splinter in my mind that constantly reminds me that something is just not in place and that I refuse to use the simple mathematics of the equality equation to measure the equality of the relationships that is the framework of the human system to see if the obvious answer as equality as a the mathematical equation actually exist where both sides of the equation must be equal or someone will win and someone will lose and I do not like losing, so I end up going for winning at all cost no matter what harm it brings. All I have to do though, is test all relationships as to its equality and I will see, the world is in trouble and so am I unless I equalize all relationships to be equal in giving and receiving as Jesus suggest a long time ago, peace and life and freedom, love can never exist but as a figment in my imagination of the illusion of my self-created mind world where I have a programmed personal god that will keep me in line with the system .
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to refuse to see that I and all others like me as humans are screwed in every way by our own dishonesty and our personal god as the personality as ego that constantly remind us of the rules of the brainwashing and mind control so that we remain in line as we march inevitably to our death without ever really living in spite of having received the gift of life at birth, yet we abdicate it as we follow without question what we have found on earth as if it is the only real reality. I must stop and set myself free. I must take responsibility.

I commit myself to stop and take responsibility for my life to investigate all relationships and to equalize them in every way to demonstrate that we as humans can in fact co-exist as equals and create a world of love and peace where all of us are included in living a life of happiness.

I commit myself to understand the tool as my mind where I have lost my footing and got lost in my own personal god mania as the personality so that I may set myself free form this personal obsession creation machine to take responsibility for all that is here as actual life as the physical world before I end up driving everything to extinction in my quest for personal happiness in the mind.

I commit myself to share the evidence that I find in blogs and vlogs to place in physical evidence the findings of my research that it may be available for all to see so that I with others may create a self evident investigative published work of research as the signs we have found to establish our own peer reviewed work as the science of life where profit will never again determine what is best for all life and where the control of the mind through self interest will never again be seen as science and this way, we will leave a living record as living words that will never be destroyed.

I commit myself to stop my addiction to the fake power that the mind make me belief in and to break-free from the brainwashing and mind control and to be in service of life as that is the real dominion on earth and will make earth a paradise

I commit myself to no longer eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge as it is tainted and poisoned with profit and self interest and cannot be trusted and to establish the tree of life to be the only valid fruit that will contain the knowledge of the equality of life so that we may return to life the life we were given.

I commit myself to speak out and to publish and reveal in every way possible all the ways that the brainwashing and mind-control work till all wake up to the fact that all have denied life and have fallen in the trap of the money god that use rules and forgiveness that do not support life, but only support those that love the money god.

I commit myself to stop the money god through knowing myself as life and knowing what I have allowed as the personality so that I may correct and restore this world to its former glory before I as man arrived here.

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